Unique Leather Charm White Airplane  Edition

Unique Leather Charm White Airplane Edition

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* Description: Airplane Leather Charm is a unique fashion accessory and ideal gift - one of 3Xu's most outstanding products. This lovely charm is made of high quality leather and come with a adjustable suede cord. Each charm is hand sewn individually in our workshop making it truly unique to you. 3Xu leather charm comes in variety of cute characters which is uniquely designed and carefully handcrafted by our artists. These fun and stylish leather charm will make your bag/ luggage distinctive in the crowd and can be ideal gifts for all who travel in style, for wedding anniversaries, for regular business travellers, for him or her.

* Product information :
Brand: 3Xu
Material: leather
Dimensions: leather charm (exclude suede cord): 6 x 5 x 1.5 cm. Suede cord length: 14 cm. Tiny leather tag: 2 x 1 cm